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You will receive 10 Tungsten T-Rips. Select from the drop down 10 of the 3/4" size or 10 of the 1/2" size, with all colors. We also have the master pack for all 20 sizes and colors available here: https://www.kendersoutdoors.com/products/t-rip-master-pack-all-20-t-rips

1/2" - #16 Treble Hook (Approx 1/32 oz)
3/4" - #14 Treble Hook (Approx 3/32 oz)

Kenders T-Rip was designed for balance and density. With its 97% Solid Tungsten Core, these little rip baits pack a punch for their size. Also built into the T-Rip is a sound chamber for that next level attraction. Realistic micro surface textures fill out the exterior body to enhance its appearance and effectiveness.

Target schools of Crappies, big Bull Bluegills, or pound the bottom for Jumbo Perch. T-Rips are super versatile and are also a great search bait. 

Hope you have a safe ice season and get into the action!

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