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The Cold Snap Rod Clamp attaches to your portable ice shack poles, or any 1.25", 7/8", 3/4" pole. The Rod Clamp rotates and pivots while holding your rod handle securely, yet allows easy access when fish are near.  Keep extra poles handy while fishing for a quick presentation change.  Will also hold a small portable flash light, or use it to hang for your coat or gloves.  Quickly detaches when you're done fishing.  Will not harm your rod or portable shack.  Easily the most inexpensive and convenient rodholder on the market!   

The Large Cold Snap Rod Clamp is suitable for the upper larger poles in your larger Frabill, Otter, and X series Clam portables.  (Fits 1.25" diameter poles.)

The Regular Cold Snap Rod Clamp is suitable for your Eskimo, Otter, Clam, and Frabill support poles.  When in doubt these are the size to order.  These will also work on the lower poles in Otter and X series Clam shelters.  (Fits 7/8" diameter poles.)

The Small Cold Snap Rod Clamp is suitable for use anywhere in the Clam Scout, and Eskimo lower poles.  (Fits 3/4" diameter poles.)

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