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Panfish Plastics is known for creating products that fishermen can always rely on and they have done it once again with this Chigger fishing lure made in Northern Wisconsin. This virtually weightless shrimp imitator is designed with realistic qualities which mean one thing to any fisherman- dinner!

In addition to the natural image of this Panfish Plastics Chigger, it also promotes realistic motion and water movement that looks just like it is swimming wildly back in forth in the water which is sure to lure in tons of fish. After a long day of fishing, you will never come home disappointed after incorporating this product into your fishing expedition.

Choose any of these enticing colors for your up and coming fishing trip and be amazed at the money saved by opting for plastic lures and of course, the ample amount of fish that come swimming your way in even the coldest of waters. After using our Panfish Plastics Chigger, you will never go fishing without one again.