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Kenders Outdoors Nail Weights allow you to strategically add weight to your soft plastic baits without affecting your hooksets. Made from tungsten, they are extremely compact, and their barbed sides keep them from sliding or falling out. Great for finesse presentations when you are using smaller baits that can't accommodate the larger size of lead nail weights, the Kenders Tungsten Nail Weights have you covered.

Kenders Tungsten Nail Weights allow you to add weight o your soft bait presentation without affecting your hook ups!

Our nail weights are made of 97% pure tungsten. This allows the body to be smaller than your traditional lead, so the effects on the plastic bodies are not as noticeable. 

Each tungsten nail weight has barbs on 2 sides to help it secure itself in the body of the plastic. 

Kenders Tungsten Nail Weights are an awesome option for finesse presentations, where you can pitch your bait in stealth mode without the bulk of other weight options.